the sky valley team

We celebrate everything organic!


It is not every day that you get under the same roof a team of passionate advocates for cleaner tasty foods. This is why it is no coincidence that our values are “transparency” and “optimism”. We enjoy creating great tasting organic foods and we want you to enjoy them!

Our team is constantly looking at what are the relevant consumer trends, how do we best combine flavors, how do we source responsibly, and then how do we craft the right “recipe in a bottle”. We are based in a wonderful small town surrounded by farms and countryside in Virginia called Danville. To many of us, Danville has become Organicville!


Meet some of our sky vallians...



Rachel was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, went to college at UC Berkeley and The London School of Economics. After working in corporate America for six years, she left her job to pursue a career in something she was deeply passionate about -  Organic Food. Over the past fourteen years Rachel has grown the company into one of the top Organic Brands currently carried in grocery stores nationwide and found in grocery stores in many countries. Rachel is married to Adam and a mom to Sky and to their puppy River.



Marty was born in the United Kingdom and moved to the USA in his youth. He has lived on all three coasts of the USA, New York, California and Texas and has happily engaged with a career in the food world. As a proud former US Marine, he is passionate about making the best organic foods and believes that better quality food is the key to a better life experience and health, so it was natural for Marty to join the Sky Valley Team. Marty supports our visions and values through a deep understanding of all kinds of consumers, why they make the brand choices they do, and how our business needs to respond quickly to provide the best organics for their families. Marty is married to Cynthia and has a daughter, Ava.


calton weatherford, cfo
"the southern gentleman"

Our CFO has spent his career in Finance at both the operational and corporate levels with large organizations.  Education includes a BS degree in Accounting and a MBA and passed the CPA examination.  A strong passion to assist the organization’s leadership team in meeting strategic objectives and adding value through the financial processes.


darren james, vp of operations
"THE coach"

Our VP of Operations is known for being an innovative leader with 38+ years of experience in manufacturing operations with companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi Americas.  Darren's passion now lies in organic food production and is leading the operations at Sky Valley Foods. He is married to Shaliza and has three beautiful children, Darren Jr., Henry and Isabella.



Mike has over 10 years’ experience in Marketing and has used his passion for technology and design to help further expand Sky Valley Food’s market strategy and brand recognition. Since joining in 2017, he has helped to redesign and revitalize the brand’s online and social presence, while making our brand more accessible to consumers.



Dave lives in North Carolina with his teen-age daughter Abby, and is a big college sports fan … go Marshall University! He has over 20 years of manufacturing operations experience and 10 years in planning and purchasing, with the past 5 years specifically in the Organic/All Natural segment.


julie maurer, customer service manager
"THE connector"

Julie comes to us with over 30 years combined experience in customer service and manufacturing.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.  Her strength is building a Customer Service department and defining creative and innovative ways to operate efficiently and effectively while offering an outstanding customer experience.


susan hooks, accounting manager
"THE beekeeper" (sweet as honey!)

Susan was born and raised in the North Carolina is a true southerner. Her career in accounting spans more than 24 years and joining Sky Valley Foods gave her an opportunity to achieve life goals and work with a winning team toward a very exciting and inspiring future! She currently resides on a farm in North Carolina with her son Julian and three rescue dogs.


Tina toney, logistics manager
"THE wrangler"

Tina was born and raised in North Carolina. She started working in the food industry in 1999 and has over 15 years of experience in shipping and receiving.  Her goals include providing top notch service our customers by focusing on high quality standards in every detail of work performed.  Tina is married to Donald Toney and has two children, Brandy and Neil.


josie alves, quality control/R&d manager
"THE curator"

Josie has a Bachelor of Science degree from New York State College. She is certified in HACCP and low acid and acidified foods.  Josie has been a Quality Manager for over thirty years in food manufacturing.  She has developed many products as a research and development manager, including gourmet foods, salad dressings, condiments, barbecue sauces, pasta, jams, jellies, Chinese condiments, carbonated sodas, and salsas.  Josie joined Sky Valley Foods as the Quality Director in 2017.  She is married to John and has two kids, John Jr. and Lauren, and a grandchild, Autumn.