MEET RACHEL kruse our Founder


As a third-generation vegetarian,  I grew up eating healthy, organic salads. My mom would always make delicious organic dressings using recipes handed down to her from my grandmother. This planted the not so proverbial seed that led to the creation of Organicville which I launched in 2004.

Later, as a busy, working mom myself, I realized that despite being able to easily buy organic lettuce, my only option at the store was to purchase and drizzle non-organic dressing over it; which seemed to defeat the purpose. So, with encouragement from family and friends, I started out on a new adventure... to bring you better tasting, affordable, organic food that is rich in natural flavors.  Essentially,  my goal was and is to promote better eating and a healthier you.

Organicville dressings were my first creations, wholly inspired by my grandmother's and mom's organic dressing recipes. From that point on, I have made it my mission with Sky Valley Foods to continue to develop unique and healthy options for all to enjoy! We want to democratize organic!

You don’t have to cook
fancy or complicated masterpieces
- just good food from fresh ingredients.
— julia child


Our Philosophy

passion for creating better food with better taste, better ingredients, better quality